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Columbia Asia Hospital Ghaziabad To Hold Free Liver Screening Camp

Ghaziabad, 18th April 2018: With an alarming rise in the number of liver related problems in the city, Columbia Asia Hospital Ghaziabad is holding a camp for free screening of the liver diseases on the occasion of World Liver Day on 19th April at its campus.

About 16 percent of all liver ailments in the country are reported from Uttar Pradesh. Sedentary lifestyle,along with lack of exercise, diabetes, fatty food and high-cholesterolbesides Alcohol and chronic hepatitis arethe main reason for the spread of liver ailments.

“There has been rapid increase of liver related cases in the last few years. Since it is lifestyle related problem and since Ghaziabad forms part of National Capital Region, such issues are even higher here. People must not keep delaying going to a doctor for their medical problems. Liver diseases can sometimes be very serious and need immediate medical attention We are holding this camp to increase awareness among people as to how they can protect their livers and also conducting a free screening for them for liver diseases. People can avail consultations from doctors and there will also be liver function tests, tests for hepatitis B &Cand fibro scan as part of the camp,” said Dr Manish Kak, Gastroenterologist, Columbia Asia Hospital-Ghaziabad.

Eating low-fat and high-fiber diet, limiting sugar consumption, maintaining a good body weight and staying away from tobacco and alcohol are some of the measures that can lead to a good liver health.

Doctors of the hospital will delve on subjects like diagnosis and treatment of liver disease during the camp. The hospital has been holding camp and symposium on all important health related topic from time to time.

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