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Elegant, Rotary Club of Mumbai organises a Car Rally to empower visually Impaired  


Elegant, a women’s only Rotary Club of Mumbai chartered in 2018 has organised a fundraising car rally with visually challenged individuals on 18th November, 2018 at Worli, Mumbai to augment their self-confidence.


For this unique car experience, Elegant has partnered with National Association for the Blind (NAB) and (Indian Automotive Racing Club) and FMSCI (Federation of Motor Sports Club of India) for this Safe, Controlled Speed Navigation rally for visually challenged based on the concept of Time, Distance and Speed. This is not your average car race, it is a complex sport where one car will be flagged off every minute. It requires skills, precise sense of direction, co-ordination of skills such as listening, visualizing and calculating, and driving; to sum it all up, it requires good teamwork.


The car rally will be flagged off in teams. Each team participating will consist of a Driver, a Navigator (a visually challenged person) and one co passenger. The navigator will guide the Driver along the entire route map using roadbook/tulip chart in *Braille* Script, given just a few minutes in advance A few advantages for participating in the rally: This will also give them the pleasure of virtual driving by giving instructions to the driver. Each car will be flagged off at a one-minute interval. It will be done in chronological order. This will be an enriching experience for the visually impaired individual, as it will give them the opportunity of virtual driving.

Anita Pansari- Charter President Of Rotary Club Of Mumbai Elegant said, “We always neglect the disabled section of the society without realising how privileged we are to have a perfect body. The ladies of our club decided to conduct an event that would make a difference to the society simultaneously create awareness. With this thought in our mind, Rotary Club of Mumbai Elegant conceptualized The Car Rally. In this rally, impaired individuals (navigators) will use their motor skills to direct the drivers and guide them through the path. The Braille route map will help navigators in identifying shortcuts to reach their location. Navigators will get acquainted to the streets of Mumbai and they will get a chance to interact with the drivers and learn about cars. We are striving to give all the participants a unique and joyous experience through this rally. Luxury vintage cars will be stationed at the venue to make this rally a one of its kind event.”


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