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*Guess who is Maniesh Paul’s ‘Zeeni Baby?’

While Maniesh Paul has had his set of fan gushing moments with almost all the guest celebrities who have been on the sets of Indian Idol, this recent guest celebrity vibed well with him right from the word go.

Veteran beauty Zeenat Aman was on the show and even she couldn’t help but praise our beloved host. Zeenat praised Maniesh for the holding the show with his amazing talent and even stated how had Maniesh been a Hero in the Veteran actress’ era, he would have definitely been opposite Zeenat! Maniesh was overwhelmed with the love showcased to him. The two danced to the tunes of the blockbuster song ‘Khaike paan banaras wala’ where Maniesh got into the shoes of Mr. Bachchan with the original Roma by his side. Maniesh would only call him ‘Zeeni Baby’ and Zeenat would respond to him with a ‘Yes don’!
It is certainly no doubt that Maniesh Paul is on a roll with his latest show Indian Idol 10. Though we have seen the Punjabi hunk entertain the audience on several occasions, but the TRP’s of this show has reached another level with his spectacular ability to turn any situation into a lively one. Those witty comments and humorous remarks have indeed made him the most loved personality of the Indian Idol.

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