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Inspirus Education Presented Study Abroad Summit (SAS’19) for Aspiring Masters Students

Mumbai: Inspirus Education, a leading overseas education consultancy launched its very first Study Abroad Summit (SAS’19), a One Day Summit that provided a platform to aspiring students and parents for options to study abroad. SAS’19 saw the participation of over 100 students from across Mumbai and provided a holistic orientation for securing a Masters degree abroad.

The Summit held a series of interactive sessions by leading industry veterans on various eductative topics. Ms. Bhanumathi Manian, with over 30 years of expertise in English Language engaged the students and parents on the tips for writing winning SOPs (Statement of Purpose). Ms. Anagha Pednekar has helped over 1000 students achieve their best potential. She encouraged the students to precisely identify their goals and align all their efforts in that direction. She also educated the children on the admission and application requirements for universities. Chetna Vasisthi, a TEDx Speaker and the founder of Learning Tree and ChetChat spoke at length about scholarship opportunities in various countries. Pankaja, an alumni student shared her personal account on studying abroad.

Baktawar Krishnan, Managing Director, Inspirus Education said, “At Inspirus Education, giving the best student experience is of paramount importance. SAS’19 was an event which addressed all the common questions that students and parents have for applying for “Masters” abroad. We addressed all the main points in the process so that all the stakeholders are well informed and ready for the journey ahead. Looking at the success of SAS’19, we aim to come back with more editions of the Study Abroad Summit with more university representatives so that students can interact with them and match their profiles to the university expectations.

A special one on one counselling session was also available at the event. This was an excellent opportunity to network with alumni, universities and stalwarts in the education industry.

The sessions was very useful and informative. Primarily because as students, we don’t know what universities want from us and what we need to do to get into these universities. We got a lot more clarity over things and got to connect with universities representatives.

Ruchika, student

I came to Study Abroad Summit (SAS’19) to learn more about GRE since I am applying for a GRE exam. I also came here to learn more about the different universities and the different  scholarships available.

Harshwardhan, student

The sessions were quite imformative and informative! I sm in academics but I must say that there were quite a lot of information that I was not aware of and I got the knowledge about it. This will help students to chart out their academic journey. It was a very nice initiative!

Prakruti Chaudhary, Gaurdian


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