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Safe Kids Foundation issues Fire Safety measures during festivities



Safe Kids Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention of unintentional childhood injuries which is a leading cause of death and disability of children globally. To further their vision, Safe Kids Foundation is working to spread awareness about road and home safety through various interventions in schools.


Since many Indian festivities are around the corner, many families light firecrackers to celebrate this auspicious day. While celebrating with firecrackers, it may lead to various injuries related to fire and burns due to improper use. Fire Safety awareness is crucial for raising a child in a safe environment. To avoid such dangers and as a notable organization for promoting the advocacy of Fire Safety, Safe Kids Foundation has issued various safety measures to prevent injuries due to fire and burns:

  • Always light firecrackers under an adult supervision and in open space away from home, never on the road.
  • Wear fitted cotton clothes with short sleeves.
  • Keep safe distance, while lighting firecrackers. Do not bend on the firecrackers while lighting.
  • It is unsafe to light it in your hands.
  • Avoid using matches and lighters to light crackers.
  • It is not safe to relight the fireworks that did not ignite at first time, soak them in water to dispose or splash water to dispose
  • Wear proper footwear while lighting the firecrackers

It is important to keep a bucket of water and sand handy while lighting firecrackers. If such a situation does arise sand helps in putting off a fire and pouring water on burns helps to reduce the sting. Emergency numbers for Fire Brigade is101 and for Ambulance is 102.

Rupa Kothari, Managing Trustee & Executive Director, Safe Kids Foundation, India said, “It is dangerous to play with firecrackers. Burns take a while to cure and may leave a scar and trauma forever. Prevention is always better than cure. It is painful to see children suffer, lets make this Diwali a safe and a happy Diwali for all.”


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